Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magazine Cover

This pseudo glamour magazine cover was a fun and relatively simple project. The teen photo was taken with an overhead beauty dish covered with a sock on a boom arm to help direct the light down at about a 45 degree angle to the model's face. A Lastolite triflector was used for lots of fill (silver reflectors below the model's face and to the right and left). This evened out the relatively crisp light over the model's face. A fan was used to blow the model's hair and create a sense of motion. The model was shot against a seamless white background which was overexposed +1 stop to assure it was bright white. This made it relatively easy to mask out for the composite.
Fonts were selected to simulate a fashion magazine and further help "sell" the effect. The promo blurbs looked "real" but obviously had totally fictitious, fun content--appropriate to the upcoming teen party.